Coast Guard Inspection and Website UPDATE

I was invited by Captain Jim to observe the annual Coast Guard inspection today.

After 3 hours of poking and prodding the inside and out of Lady Cock Robin, Capt Jim and Doug took me and the three Coast Guard inspectors for a ride along the Manasquan River. As we headed up river, with the dog beach on the starboard side, a ring buoy suddenly launched itself off the deck!
Immediately 1st mate Doug shouted “MAN OVERBOARD!!!” and instructed me to keep Captain Jim informed as to the position of the buoy from the bow.
Following my verbal and arm pointing instructions, Captain Jim maneuvered upriver of the floundering buoy until I was able to assist the buoy with a net handle. Meanwhile, Doug directed the positioning of the overboard ladder and donned a life jacket. As I guided the grateful buoy from bow to stern, Doug attached a lifeline to his waist and plucked the embarrassed buoy from the river to the relief of all.

and so…
The Cock Robin and crew passed the CG exam!!

(i report this with humor, however i will tell you it was quite the education working with Capt Jim to prepare the boat for the inspection and the thoroughness of the entire exam by the Coasties)

And, while all of this was happening…

The NEW WEBSITE was launched!!

Check it out!

2009 printable EVENTS CALENDAR

and more…….

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One Comment on “Coast Guard Inspection and Website UPDATE”

  1. Wishing you a great season Captain Jim, crew and guests!

    Great looking website!

    Have fun youse kids!

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